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Tungsten Wedding Bands

  • Tungsten wedding bands are extremely popular. With the toughness and virtual scratch resistance of tungsten rings. Tungsten Carbide bands are becoming the most widely worn rings today!

Cobalt Chrome Rings

  • Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are the whitest contemporary rings on the market. Much whiter than tungsten and almost as tough. When looked at side by side as platinum the naked eye can hardly tell the difference.

Titanium Wedding Rings

  • Titanium rings are known as the first contemporary wedding band. Lightweight and much stronger than precious metals. Aircraft grade rings.

Ceramic Wedding Bands

  • Ceramic wedding bands are much stronger than the name sounds. They are in fact more scratch resistant than tungsten and much more lightweight. Made from the same metal as synthetic diamonds.

Precious Metals Wedding Rings

  • Gold, Platinum, and Palladium are great choices for a wedding band. Gold is the most traditional metal for a wedding band.

Tungsten Wedding Bands and Tungsten Rings

Why are so many people choosing tungsten wedding bands? Tungsten rings are quickly becoming the most popular wedding bands on the market. The biggest appeal of a tungsten ring is that it will look new for a lifetime. These rings are more durable than any other ring on the market. They keep their high polished look forever. The best part about a tungsten ring is that they are affordable. The price of them does not fluctuate with the markets like precious metal rings. You will get a top quality ring and a fraction of the price of other types of rings. Tungsten rings come in three different colors. There is the classic color which can sometimes be compared to gun metal. There is black tungsten and then white tungsten rings.  Both black and white tungsten rings are made that way through a coating. 

What are Tungsten Rings made of?

Tungsten rings are generally made from tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide has been used for decades for cutting tools and other construction industry tools. Tungsten has the highest melting point and lowest vapor pressure of any metal. This makes them durable enough to hold up to extreme conditions. So if they are tough enough for the toughest job image how well they will hold up as a wedding band.

Important facts about tungsten rings from Tungsten Rings Online

- TRO's tungsten rings do not use cobalt as a binder, cobalt mixed with tungsten will oxidize with your skin

- TRO's tungsten rings are backed by a lifetime guarantee

- TRO's tungsten carbide uses nickel as a binder

- TRO's tungsten rings can be removed by most medical facilities

- TRO's tungsten rings are virtually scratch resistant

- TRO's tungsten rings can be engraved with our laser engraving service

Questions about -

Common Questions about Tungsten Rings -

Will my tungsten ring break?

That question is confused a lot because of the toughness of tungsten rings people assume that they will not break. In fact tungsten rings can and will break. If they are dropped and hit at the exact angle they will actually crack and sometimes break. At Tungsten Rings Online we warranty all of our rings against this. While it can happen it doesn't happen very often. If it does all you would need to do is send your ring back with your order number. Remember all tungsten rings are not the same. The quality can differ greatly so choosing the right place to buy online is very important when purchasing a tungsten wedding band.

Can you re-size your tungsten rings?

Unfortunately it is impossible to make a tungsten ring any smaller than it already is.  If you need to have your tungsten ring sized up or down a half to whole size that is possible.  Material from the middle of the ring will be removed to make it bigger.