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Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands and Cobalt Chrome Rings

Here at we are proud to be the leaders in offering our customers the choice of cobalt chrome wedding bands.Cobalt chrome rings are a great alternative to white precious metals.They will hold up much better than any precious metal.In fact they are four times harder than the hardest precious metal platinum.With a cobalt chrome ring there is no need to worry about the ring bending out of shape.

What is Cobalt?

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are composed of about 67% Cobalt, 27% Chromium and 6% Molybdenum. These elements combine to result in a Cobalt metal that is exceptionally strong and durable. Cobalt rings are bright white in color and are often compared to platinum in appearance. Our Cobalt wedding bands are naturally white in color and will never need to be rhodium plated like a white gold wedding band. You can be sure that your Cobalt ring will have a permanent luster that will never fade or discolor over time.


Cobalt has been widely used throughout the medical and dental industries because it is biocompatible and naturally hypoallergenic. This means that our Cobalt wedding bands do not have any harmful substances that could possibly cause any allergic reactions. This makes a Cobalt ring the perfect alternative for individuals with sensitive skin allergies. Gold rings tend to scratch easily and even bend out of shape during normal wear. Cobalt rings are many times harder than gold and maintain their shine and finish for a lifetime. Cobalt rings have a particularly high resistance to scratching and are nearly impossible to bend out of shape. Cobalt rings are four times harder than platinum, five times harder than gold, and seven times harder than silver. Cobalt wedding bands are the perfect combination of high scratch resistance and shatterproof in an everyday ring.


Cobalt Rings vs. Tungsten and Titanium Rings


Cobalt rings compare very closely to Tungsten and Titanium wedding bands. All three of these metals are poor heat and electrical conductors (unlike gold), and in most cases they are hypoallergenic. Cobalt wedding rings fall directly in the middle as far as weight and scratch resistance are concerned. Tungsten is the heaviest of the three with Titanium being the lightest. Tungsten is also the most scratch resistant with Titanium being the least scratch resistant (all three have a much higher resistance to scratching than Platinum, Palladium, or Gold). Unlike a Tungsten wedding band, Cobalt rings will not crack under excessive pressure. The amount of weight that it would take to even bend a Cobalt ring would be tremendous.


The major advantage that a Cobalt ring has over Tungsten and Titanium is that they are bright white and very reflective. Tungsten and Titanium bands are nearly impossible to resize, but Cobalt rings can endure slight sizing adjustments without the need to add or remove any material. This makes Cobalt wedding bands one of the only alternative metals in the marketplace that can be resized (all of our wedding bands come with a lifetime warranty if you should ever need your ring to be resized). At a fraction of the price of platinum and white gold, Cobalt offers the durability of tungsten and titanium while retaining its permanent white luster for a lifetime.


Can Cobalt rings be engraved?


Yes, it is possible to engrave your Cobalt wedding rings using our laser engraving system. Cobalt rings are so tough that they require a laser engraver for the engraving process. Our laser engraver uses a computer system to laser etch your wedding band. Since we use a computer you can select just about any Microsoft Word font for your engraving. If we do not have the font already we can usually download any font that is compatible with Microsoft Word. There is no limit to the amount of characters for your laser engraving. Keep in mind that the more characters that are used the smaller the font will need to be. We can also do custom engravings that involve symbols or even different languages. It typically only takes about 1-2 business days for your ring to be laser engraved. Feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives for any questions or concerns regarding your engraving.

 Can a Cobalt ring be cut off?


Yes, in the case of an emergency your Cobalt ring can be cut off by medical professionals. Emergency personnel have a tool specifically designed for removing wedding bands while they are still on the finger. These tools are equipped with interchangeable cutting blades that allow them to be changed to remove any type of wedding band. If you have any concerns you can contact your local hospital and ask if they have the tools necessary to cut off a Cobalt wedding band.



In most cases where a ring needs to be removed by medical professionals it is because the ring had been bent out of shape and was putting painful pressure on the finger. Cobalt rings are much harder than any precious metals and are much less likely to crush or bend out of shape. In our many years of experience we have never seen a case where medical professionals have not been able to cut off a wedding band regardless of the type of material that the ring has been made from.