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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?
Please allow Tungsten Rings Online 2-3 days processing time to manufacture your wedding band. We stock our most common rings and some of those will ship out the same day. If you need your order rushed please call us. Many times we can accommodate rush orders. We do not have the ability to ship a ring same day.

Do tungsten rings scratch?

It is very difficult to scratch a tungsten ring but YES they can scratch. It is not very likely that you will scratch your tungsten ring but if you do scrape it on a material that is harder than it, then it will scratch. While not likely it does happen. We have a special machine to add a brush finish to our rings, made out of diamonds.

Can you re-size my tungsten ring?

Unfortunately, due to the properties of our tungsten alloy, we can not re-size your tungsten ring. There is one exception and that is if you are need to get a quarter to half size larger. We can ground out the inside of the ring making it bigger.

What happens if I need to remove my tungsten ring in an emergency?

Most hospitals now have the capability to remove a tungsten ring from your finger in case of an emergency. They will apply pressure to the opposite sides of the ring causing it to crack and break off. If this were to happen to you the ring would be covered under our lifetime guarantee.

How do I know what my engraving will look like?

By default we will engrave your ring on the inside of the band. If you need it engraved on the outside you will need to add that to your notes. We can engrave anything from Microsoft Word. If you have a special font not in the Microsoft program we can most times down load the font and use it for your engraving. We will fit the text so it best fits in around your wedding band. The longer the text the smaller the font will have to be so it will fit.

Why Does Tungsten Rings Online sell more than tungsten rings?

When we initially started this website almost a decade ago there were really only two alternative metals, tungsten and titanium. We felt that tungsten rings were the next big thing so we called the site Tungsten Rings Online. As we grew we saw the need to evolve. With that evolution we have added other types of metals to our online catalog. We believe that there is not one metal that is going to be right for everyone.

What type of ring would you recommend?

It is hard to say what the best metal for you is going to be.If you have an allergy to nickel I would not recommend any of the precious metals you can buy. I also would tell you to be careful with our tungsten rings. We use a nickel binder that can certainly irritate the skin of someone that is allergic. If you have the budget to pay a little more for a cobalt ring I would recommend it over titanium. If you have no allergies I would probably recommend going with a tungsten ring. That is what most of the men at our office wear and they are happy with them.

Do you know any local jewelers that carry your rings?


While we do not have any exclusive contracts, our tungsten rings can be found at jewelry shops around the country. If you want to find one close to you simple contact us and one of our customer service reps will be able to help you out.For some people seeing is believing, we understand this and want you to be happy with your wedding band.