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Engraving your ring is a great way to customize it. You can add something that is special for you. A lot of people prefer to put their wedding date or a nickname or a special saying. offers a couple different options for engraving. All tungsten, titanium, ceramic, and cobalt chrome rings will require laser engraving. This is due to the hardness of these materials. An etch engraving just won't work on the. Our laser engraving machine runs off of Microsoft Word so you can choose any font from there for your engraving.

There also isn't a limit to the number of characters. With our machine we can engrave anything. Please note that if you have us engrave a long message then the text will have to be smaller for it to fit on your ring. If you are purchasing a gold, platinum, palladium, or silver ring from us you can choose to go with our free etch engraving service. This service is limited to a block font and only 30 characters. For all engravings you will add a note during checkout of what you want. We will be adding a feature of adding from the product page.

If you have an image or a symbol you would like engraved we can do that too! We have the ability to engrave images and symbols. The most common symbol is the infinity sign. If you have a special symbol or sign email us and see if we can do it, most of the times we are able to. Our precision laser engraving machine will work on any type of metal. The engraving not only changes the color of the metal but it is actually etched into the ring.

We can also engrave on the outside of your ring. By default the engraving goes on the inside of the wedding band but at times we have been asked to engrave the outside of the ring. We are able to do so and the results are great. If you have any questions please call or email us.