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Education about alternative metals

Tungsten Rings Online is here to make sure you make the best decision when choosing your wedding band. We would like to provide as much education as you need to make that very important decision. There is not one metal out there that is going to be perfect for everyone. There are so many people that have different tastes and needs. We will review the different types of metals we offer on this site. We will even give a review of metals we do not offer on this site. Your choice for your wedding band is important to you, so it is important to us. If you can not find an answer to one of your questions feel free to contact one of our reps. We work with wedding bands all day everyday so we usually have the answer or we can find it for you.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

When Tungsten Rings Online was started in July of 2005 our mission was to provide the best quality tungsten rings at affordable prices. At the time there were really only two types of metals being used for alternative metal bands, those were titanium and tungsten. A lot of the tungsten rings that were hitting the market were being imported from overseas. There was a big problem with the quality of these rings. A lot of manufacturers were making tungsten rings that were not comfort fit. You can image the problem with having a non-comfort fit tungsten ring. It was extremely uncomfortable. There were a lot of companies selling tungsten rings that had a cobalt binder. The mixture of cobalt and tungsten was not good and it made the tungsten oxidize and really fall apart and look terrible. We have always used a nickel binder. We have made sure that our tungsten rings were top quality.

We currently have great relationships with many suppliers of tungsten rings. In fact we have a local manufacturer that can do almost anything with tungsten. So any kind of custom ring you need done we can do. Tungsten is very difficult to work with and we can do it. We can do any kind of engraving inside or outside of your band. We sell many different types of tungsten but our most popular tungsten rings are the classic dome shaped tungsten. If you have an allergy to nickel you might want to choose one of our different metals like cobalt or titanium.

Titanium Rings

Titanium is the first alternative metal that made a big splash in the wedding jewelry world. Many people were looking for an alternative to the more expensive precious metals. There are a lot of undesirable qualities in precious metals and with the new usage of titanium those qualities were taken care of. First titanium is much harder than any precious metal. This kept the ring from looking old and worn out after wearing it for a month or so. Titanium is a very lightweight metal, so if you do not like the idea of a heavy ring titanium was a great alternative for you. Titanium is not nearly as expensive as gold, platinum, or even silver. You can get a much less expensive ring that will stand the test of time better than precious metals.

Titanium has lost a lot of its popularity with the new metals hitting the market. While they are much better than precious metals in being scratch resistant they still are much less scratch resistant than tungsten or even cobalt. Cobalt rings can be cut just like a titanium ring. So all the titanium designs you see can be made in cobalt as well. The best thing about cobalt rings is that they really match white gold, palladium and platinum really well. So if your wife is getting a diamond band and you want the color of your ring to match you can choose cobalt for your metal.

Cobalt rings

Cobalt is a fairly new metal used in wedding jewelry. Cobalt became a bad word in alternative metal bands back when tungsten rings were becoming popular. Many companies were using a cobalt binder with tungsten. This was causing the rings to oxidize. The tungsten alloy with cobalt was a bad combination. So cobalt for a little while got a bad reputation.

Cobalt has been gaining in popularity. In fact there are even new metals being made to compete with cobalt. Cobalt is more scratch resistant than titanium and it is also a very similar color to titanium. So it matches much better than other alternative metals to diamond wedding bands. They can be cut with the same machine that cuts titanium rings so any style is possible. The downfall to cobalt and most all alternative metal rings is that they can not really be re-sized. If your finger gets bigger up to one fourth or half ring size can be grounded out of the middle of the ring. But if you lose weight and your finger gets smaller it usually takes getting a completely new band. Some people can not do this because of the sentimental value of their wedding band.

Ceramic rings

Ceramic rings might sound like they are very fragile but it actually is one of the toughest metals out there. Our ceramic rings are made out of the metal zirconium. This is the same metal that is used to make synthetic diamonds. Many times these diamonds are used in the oil industry because of their ability to withstand heat and still be able to drill.

Ceramic rings are a much better alternative to black tungsten. They are black all the way through, unlike tungsten that is just a coating. That coating wears off over time and you are left with a wedding band that looks old and tattered.