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About Ceramic

People are often curious to learn more about ceramic wedding rings.Often because when people think of ceramic they think of clay pots and fragile serving dishes.Most people have not heard about Hi-Tech Ceramic. Hi-Tech ceramic is created by combining exotic alloys such as zirconium and yittra, using the latest technologies. The end result is a beautiful ring known for its toughness, durability, and scratch-resistance.

How do ceramic wedding rings compare to tungsten?

Ceramic wedding rings are often compared to tungsten for its extreme hardness. Like tungsten, ceramic rings are virtually scratch resistant, and will maintain black for their whole lifetime. If you are in the market for a black wedding band then we would highly recommend one of our ceramic rings. The black on a black tungsten ring will wear off over time. This makes the ring look worn and tattered.

What is Hi-Tech ceramic?

Hi-tech ceramic is a metal alloy that is primarily made of zirconium. This is the same metal that is used to create cubic zirconium diamonds. This alloy is also used a lot in the mining industry. Not quite as tough as a diamond they are much less expensive. This makes them a great material for the mining industry. Ceramic plates are also used in bullet proof vests. Because they are so tough the will take the impact of a bullet and divert it away from your body.

What designs do you offer in ceramic?


Tungsten Rings Online is continuously adding more styles to our online catalog. If you have a design in mind and it is not on our website, contact us and we can most likely get the ring for you. We can add diamonds or other inlays to our ceramic rings. Most online companies do not have the capabilities that we have to customize your alternative metal wedding band.