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Tungsten Wedding Bands

Why Tungsten Rings Online?

Here at we take pride in the quality of tungsten carbide rings that we provide our customers. Tungsten wedding bands are quickly becoming the most popular metal in wedding bands today. We test all of the tungsten rings we sell on our site. We make sure that there is only a nickel binder in them. Some companies try to cut corners and sell you a tungsten ring that contains cobalt. Cobalt can be a great material, but when it is mixed with tungsten it has terrible results. It makes the ring oxidize and change color and most of the time it will irritate your skin.

Tungsten has a great history. It was first identified as an element way back in 1781. The meaning of the word tungsten is heavy stone. As you could probably guess tungsten rings are much heavier than other types of metals. This unique attribute of tungsten allows it to be one of the most scratch resistant rings on the market. It is one of the more popular metals used for wedding bands today. Ten years ago there were very few tungsten rings used as wedding bands. In fact this web site was one of the first sites dedicated to selling only tungsten wedding bands. We have evolved with the market and offer a great selection of alternative metal bands.

Tungsten is still our most popular type of metal. We have added cobalt, titanium and ceramic. There are a few new metals that we are going to add in the future. The newest metal that is just now hitting the market is called Vitalium. It is white like cobalt but is scratch resistant similar to tungsten. We are working with a manufacturer that has produced many great designs with this new metal.

Tungsten Rings Online has a large selection of tungsten and if you do not see what you are looking for you can contact us and we can probably have it made. We can custom make any size tungsten ring. The turnaround time is usually two weeks on a completely custom tungsten band. We offer many tungsten rings with inlays.We can do a precious metal inlay. Most of our inlays are there to contrast the look of a plain tungsten ring. We do a lot of ceramic or zirconium inlays.These are popular and look very unique. One of the newest trends is camouflage used as a design for a wedding band. We have a few designs on hand but we are working to expand our camo collection.

Are your tungsten rings hypoallergenic?

We are often asked if our tungsten rings are hypoallergenic.Like other materials used for wedding bands tungsten is an alloy. An alloy means that there are at least two different metals, so almost all gold jewelry is an alloy. So, just like gold and other metals used in jewelry, tungsten is an alloy. We use a nickel binder in all of our tungsten rings.Unfortunately, nickel is the most common metal allergy in the world. If you are allergic to nickel there is a good chance the wearing a tungsten ring will irritate your skin. We have other metals like cobalt or titanium that might work better for you.

What are the most popular styles?


The most popular styles of tungsten rings are actually the basic designs. In fact over the nearly decade we have been selling wedding bands the most popular design has been our 6mm dome style ring. Followed by the 8mm dome style and then the flat or pipe fit style rings. Most people that come into our store like to look at the many unique styles but when it comes down to them choosing a ring that they will be wearing for the rest of their lives they usually choose the basic style ring.